Our goal was to design a flexible inventory system for use by a large warehouse and fulfillment company servicing multiple clients. The system handles receiving, order entry and processing, shipping, and warehouse management. The warehouse manager can adjust, move, produce kits, and perform physical inventory as required. Clients have a portal that lets them view real-time inventory, run reports, and enter orders.

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Receiving shows the Customer Service Rep (CSR) what is available in inventory and where it is stored in the warehouse to aid in selecting put-away locations. A location "belongs" to a client to avoid inventory problems where products from more than one client end up in a single location. If a location is empty, the system automatically changes ownership to the current client if selected. CSRs can add products on-the-fly. The system prints skid tags to aid warehouse personnel in the put-away process.


Order entry shows both the CSR and the client what is available in inventory. Client setup specifies whether picking will allow back orders or not. The user can enter the bill to/ship to addresses or select from an address book. Picking slips are barcoded and shipping information is sent to the warehouse shipping station. The system can clear credit cards, send email confirmations to both the ship customer on the order and the client, and import tracking data about shipped packages from the shipping station back into the inventory system.


Inventory management includes the ability to adjust, move, return stock, destory items, and record the results of a physical inventory. Production runs can have multiple put-away locations or go directly to shipping. The user can print skid tags for all operations. In one convenient module the warehouse manager can get a snapshot of the entire warehouse and manage inventory efficiently.


The system provides a set of useful standard reports including Inventory by Location and Shipping Log Detail. It also provides the ability to develop client specific custom reports as required.
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